Max and Sam are two brothers from the beautiful island of Malta who are both passionate about football. This has led to the creation of Bartolo Bros™, designed to bring you the latest news and information, as well as many twisted views, about the beautiful game.


Max Bartolo

Max is a football coach, Shotokan Karate Black Belt, mechanical engineer and entrepreneur. Max is a sports fanatic with experience practising and coaching various sports. Nowadays, he is constantly on-the-go between making the web a better place, a quick game of squash and coaching the SUFC women’s team.

SamSam is an avid football fan, goalkeeper, coach and gamer, and was born in Malta 1992. Anywhere there’s football, he will be… if there is no football, he’ll be playing Football Manager! He is currently the Goalkeeping Coach of three Maltese clubs, and he plays in goal in the Maltese Second Division. His favourite club is Fulham F.C.